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The Nomad: “Sleep doctor, have you ever had anyone cured of sleep apnea?”
Sleep Doctor: “No, we would have to cut out your tongue.”

UPDATE: 4/1/2019

I no longer need to use the CPAP machine! I am only using an oral appliance (mouth piece). I just completed an in the lab sleep study. The result? AHI = 1/hr!

Breakdown of events:

  • Obstructive Apneas = 0
  • Hyponeas = 1
  • Clear Airway = 1
  • RERA = 1

Diagnosed with severe sleep apnea in 2010 with an AHI of 33, I have been trying to prove my sleep doctor wrong while keeping my tongue! Currently, I still have sleep apnea and my tongue! This site is a collection of the many things I have tried since 2010 to improve my sleep apnea and sleep in general. I currently use a cpap machine along with a mouth piece. Hopefully by sharing, we can collectively improve all of our sleep conditions.

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