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Share Your Success Story

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Do you have a success story that you can share?

I know when I started Dr. Gominak’s protocol, I was really interested in hearing from others that had been successful already. It turns out that it is hard to find these kinds of stories online. It is hard to connect with those that have already been through it. It is so inspiring when I get a message from a reader and they tell me that they might not need their cpap machine. Maybe they feel better than they have in years.

I know I was desperate to find something that would help me start to sleep better. This protocol has, without a doubt, greatly improved my sleep, my health(guts) and sleep apnea. My post on month 5 and 6 is coming. I can tell you this, month 6 saw measurable improvement in my AHI numbers! It is the first time I thought it might be possible to sleep without my cpap machine one day.

How about you? If you are open to sharing your success, please send me your story or just connect with my through my contact page. I will post every story I get in.


If you are a clinician that would like to share the overall success you have seen in your practice, that would be fantastic as well.

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